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 HI. I’m Mike Krenner;
hypercreative guitarist, illustrator, writer,
and all-around human being. I live in Brooklyn NY
with my lovely wife Bryn and our 2 cats.


Recent Stuff:

Walks #5 (March 2017)

Sunday March 26, 2017|Comments Off on Walks #5 (March 2017)

March 2017 Click on images for full size.

Walks #4 (Late 2016-early 2017)

Sunday February 12, 2017|Comments Off on Walks #4 (Late 2016-early 2017)

December 2016-Febrooary 2017 Click on images for full size.

“Spin Cycle” at 18

Sunday January 15, 2017|Comments Off on “Spin Cycle” at 18

I vividly remember when the first Iced Ink song "Spin Cycle" (or at least the DNA of it) was born..  it was Friday night in January of 1999 and my significant udder at the time was in [...]

Walks #3 (late 2016)

Saturday December 10, 2016|Comments Off on Walks #3 (late 2016)

November-December 2016 Click on images for full size.

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