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image101I was born in 1973 in St. Paul, MN. My parents were always playing great music so I was brainwashed at an early age. When I was 4 I discovered a guitar case under my dad’s bed (and the guitar inside of it). My fingers weren’t strong enough to fret notes, not to mention I had no idea what fretting notes was, but upon plucking the open D, G & B strings I discovered that I could play “Taps”. At that precise moment, a lifelong addiction to manufacturing notes via guitar strings was born.

A year or so later I learned of KISS which further sealed the deal. Next came Frank Zappa, then the Ventures, Leo Kottke, Chet Atkins, the list goes on and on…

I was classically trained for 10 years by a wonderful teacher before realizing I had to leave all of the rules behind and do my own thing. I strive to make music that tells stories rather than music that tells how much I’ve practiced my scales. If you hear one of my songs and you suddenly crave a taco or reminisce about how cool your grandma’s toaster was, I’m doing my job. Yay for doing my job!


linksActive Projects

Finnegan – Solo acoustic instrumental guitar
Iced Ink – Instrumental surf/jazz/metal guitar compositions
Air Painter – Ambient/drone solo guitar
New Beard – Creative rock fueled by tuba
OXHEART A music/art/performance event collaborative spearheaded by my wifey. Check it out!

Stuff that I use

D’Addario ProSteels for ‘lectric
John Pearse Phosphor Bronze for coostic
The things that I put strings on:
Gretsch 6118T Green Annie Yummy.
Gretsch G5210 Electromatic (sunburst) Delicious.
Taylor 414CE
Takamine 12 string


Electric: Fender Mustang III with a Tech 21 PW60.
Acoustic: Fishman Loudbox Mini


Tech 21 Fly Rig
Tech 21 Hot Rod Plexi
Boomerang 3 Looper & Sidecar

Props: This is my brother Chuck’s website. Check out his insane drorings… I DARE YOU.

(more to come)

Other projects I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in:

Honkeylips Little snippets of stuff I didn’t use for Iced Ink but ended up using for whatever this is…

Fish Pudding Giving bad karaoke music the treatment it deserves

She Might Be A Spy