I've been playing guitar since 1986!

Here are the results thus far.

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Weird experimental instrumental
surf/jazz/metal/rock & roll


Mellow solo instrumental
acoustic guitar


Bizarre, goofy retro space synth guitar music.
Full album coming soon!

On the back burner:

  • Air Painter | Ambient drone. Hear here>>
  • Honkeylips | My Buckethead/Meshuggah/Fantomas/noise alter ego Hear here>>
  • New Beard | Tuba-driven rock and roll Hear here>>

Blawg entries pertaining to my musics:

Iced Ink mini-“Spin Cycle” guitar lesson

Sunday November 12, 2017|Comments Off on Iced Ink mini-“Spin Cycle” guitar lesson

Iced Ink guitar tabs were requested a few times when we lived in Brooklyn but I never had/made the time or energy. Now that we're living in Minnesota and there’s a lot more of both, [...]


Saturday May 13, 2017|Comments Off on VidStar/Walkman

It's a rainy crappy weather day in Brooklyn - lots of "skyarrhea" out there as I like to call it. What better time to wrap up a couple of retro synth and guitar solo-drenched Planet Ekim tunes [...]

“Spin Cycle” at 18

Sunday January 15, 2017|Comments Off on “Spin Cycle” at 18

I vividly remember when the first Iced Ink song "Spin Cycle" (or at least the DNA of it) was born..  it was Friday night in January of 1999 and my significant udder at the time was in [...]


Thursday October 13, 2016|Comments Off on Cottonhead

When you go to work, once you're there do you ever think back on your commute and realize you can barely remember anything about it? Yes? No? I do that a lot...  a dangerous amount [...]

“A Sparkling Shade of Green”

Sunday September 11, 2016|Comments Off on “A Sparkling Shade of Green”

One of my favorite t-shirts is the one Booger wore in Revenge of the Nerds that said HIGH ON STRESS... that would have been the perfect tee for me to wear every day from early [...]

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