“Iced Ink” ladies v-neck

“Iced Ink” ladies v-neck


To those not in the know, this here’s the name of my band. It’s been nearly 20 years now and I never tire of seeing the “OH. I get it!” lightbulb go on over someone’s head who didn’t quite get the play on words the first few dozen times. This drawing is to add another layer of interpretation to the mix, because you can never have enough meaningless meaning.

Original Instagram post date: 6/13/2013

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These t-shirts are super duper high quality nice soft 100% cotton with a tear-away label.

Be sure to measure before you buy!

All shirts/tanks measured like THIS.

^^All shirts/tanks measured like THIS^^

Ladies V-neck t-shirt measurements

Measured length x width in inches:

S 25l x 14w
M 26l x 26.5w
L 26.5l x 16.5w