“Iced Ink” mens shirt

“Iced Ink” mens shirt


“Iced Ink!”
“Yeah you do, take a shower!”

To those not in the know, this here’s the name of my band. It’s been nearly 20 years now and I never tire of seeing the “OH. I get it!” lightbulb go on over someone’s head who didn’t quite get the play on words the first few dozen times.

Original Instagram post date: 6/13/2013

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These t-shirts are super duper high quality nice soft 100% cotton with a tear-away label.

Be sure to measure before you buy!

All shirts/tanks measured like THIS. ^^All shirts/tanks measured like THIS^^

Mens t-shirt measurements

Measured length x width in inches:

M 27.5 x 20
L 29 x 20.5
XL 30 x 23