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PUN OF A KIND is a one-of-a-kind (get it?) secret grab bag of 14 hand-drawn animal-related puns I’ve created over the years.

That’s right, I said “hand-drawn”… as in:

  • NOT printed!
  • NOT traced! (Which I guess would count as hand-drawn, but would kind of be cheating)

A few of them are upgrades on older drawings, and one even contains a slight whited-out misspelling. You won’t get that in a printed book! (If you do and you bought that book new, you should return it.)

Book measures 6.25″ tall x 6″ wide and will ship within 3 days of auction end. The cover and pages were all treated with an invisible odor-free fixative spray to prevent any smudging of these 14 masterpieces.

If this goes well, who knows – I may make more, but I can gare-awn-tee that this is the only collection of these particular 14 punnies I’ll ever make.

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