3 10, 2015

“Peter Crisssssssss…. the drummer from KISSSSSSSssssss”

Saturday October 3, 2015|

^^That's a quote from Dr. Johnny Fever on WKRP in Cincinnati. I remember seeing that episode when I was a little kid thinking "Really? Peter's gonna be on the show?" Sadly for me he wasn't. ******* As of today, some 37 years after becoming a lifelong KISS nerd, I can cross "meet all 4 original [...]

13 11, 2011

New Iced Ink tune: Look! It’s Rock and Roll!

Sunday November 13, 2011|

http://soundcloud.com/icedink/look-its-rock-and-roll[/fusion_soundcloud] Last but not least in this whole "meet my guitar hero" chapter is a new Iced Ink tune to document it all. Unlike a lot of songs this one came pretty effortlessly and "wrote itself" as they say; I sat down with a 4 pack of Sixpoint Righteous Ale at about 1am this [...]