11 09, 2016

“A Sparkling Shade of Green”

2017-02-27T18:57:48-05:00 Sunday September 11, 2016|

One of my favorite t-shirts is the one Booger wore in Revenge of the Nerds that said HIGH ON STRESS... that would have been the perfect tee for me to wear every day from early 2004 to mid 2005. It was a total roller coaster ride littered with fun things like unemployment, horrible relationship decisions, [...]

12 06, 2016

“Finnegan” CDs in stock!

2016-08-12T22:44:39-04:00 Sunday June 12, 2016|

For those of you who prefer to buy your music in the tried and true compact disc format, yesterday the USPS stork dropped off a box containing a short run of my "Finnegan" CD containing all original solo acoustic tunes written/performed/recorded by yours truly. Get 'em while they're hot! If you buy the CD you [...]