22 11, 2015


2017-05-22T20:05:39-04:00 Sunday November 22, 2015|

My synesthesia's BFF: Les Paul + TriplePlay pickup Once again it's drab, cold, and grey outside. Perfect weather to sit down in front of the computer and make some new blip-bleep music with my trusty Fishman Tripleplay MIDI pickup-equipped Les Paul. This magical little device seems to have become my equivalent to a [...]

9 02, 2015


2017-05-22T20:05:40-04:00 Monday February 9, 2015|

'Twas 1987 when I read that the first Frehley's Comet album was finally coming out. I pert near pooped my pants. My numero uno guitar hero Ace Frehley's first solo album in almost 10 years! I'd already played his 1978 solo album to death by that point (still do) but man, the release date for [...]

26 01, 2015

Flea Market With Alice and Claude

2017-05-22T20:05:40-04:00 Monday January 26, 2015|

1.26.2015 Sometimes I can't get the globs of music out of my head fast enough. I worry that if I don't, they'll disappear, and a lot of them have. I've been averaging one musical rendering a week during the current Music For Guitar & Synth phase I'm in. They brew much quicker than Iced Ink [...]

25 01, 2015

Escape From The Baby Blue Datsun

2017-05-22T20:05:40-04:00 Sunday January 25, 2015|

When I was in 6th grade my buddy Troy and I were riding our bikes around Cottage Grove. Right here as a matter of fact: We were riding along the center island - obviously 2 kids on bikes didn't belong there but we were rebels like that. Suddenly a light blue Datsun pickup came up [...]