12 06, 2016

“Finnegan” CDs in stock!

2016-08-12T22:44:39-04:00 Sunday June 12, 2016|

For those of you who prefer to buy your music in the tried and true compact disc format, yesterday the USPS stork dropped off a box containing a short run of my "Finnegan" CD containing all original solo acoustic tunes written/performed/recorded by yours truly. Get 'em while they're hot! If you buy the CD you [...]

22 11, 2015


2017-05-22T20:05:39-04:00 Sunday November 22, 2015|

My synesthesia's BFF: Les Paul + TriplePlay pickup Once again it's drab, cold, and grey outside. Perfect weather to sit down in front of the computer and make some new blip-bleep music with my trusty Fishman Tripleplay MIDI pickup-equipped Les Paul. This magical little device seems to have become my equivalent to a [...]

21 12, 2014


2017-05-22T20:05:41-04:00 Sunday December 21, 2014|

I've owned one new vee-hickle in my lifetime (so far, at least): a 1993 black Chevy S10. Man did I ever love that thing. '93 was the last year those trucks had a boxy design to them; the following year all of those boring aerodynamic rounded edges started to make their way in. My new truck [...]