28 04, 2016

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2017-05-22T20:05:39-04:00 Thursday April 28, 2016|

When I read that Prince passed away last Thursday I'm sure I had the same reaction as just about everyone else: It's a hoax! Nope. Well we certainly didn't see that one coming, did we? ******* "1999" was the first song of his that I ever heard, sometime in 1982 when the album by that [...]

25 01, 2015

Escape From The Baby Blue Datsun

2017-05-22T20:05:40-04:00 Sunday January 25, 2015|

When I was in 6th grade my buddy Troy and I were riding our bikes around Cottage Grove. Right here as a matter of fact: We were riding along the center island - obviously 2 kids on bikes didn't belong there but we were rebels like that. Suddenly a light blue Datsun pickup came up [...]