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These obviously aren’t the greatest photos in the world, but that’s because I’m not looking at the subjects when I take them!

When I’m out and about and inspiration strikes I like to entertain myself by using my iPhone’s camera burst in a way that it probably wasn’t intended to be used: I’ll hold my phone up to my head like I’m listening to a voicemail or carry it at my side, keeping my finger down on the shutter button all the while as I walk past my “subjects”. Dozens of photos are snapped within the span of a few seconds and most of the time at least one of them ends up being a keeper with some simple cropping and aligning.

Quite a few of them have been accumulating on my phone so I recently decided to glob some together in a series that I’m calling “Earthings”. This is just the tip of the iceberg and I’ll definitely be adding more to this gallery over time. Thankfully when it comes to this style of photography (or lack thereof) and walking around NYC every day there’s no shortage of subjects!

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