HI. I’m Mike Krenner;
hypercreative guitarist, illustrator, writer,
and all-around human being. I live in Brooklyn NY
with my lovely wife Bryn and our 2 cats.


Recent Updates:

“Spin Cycle” at 18

Sunday January 15, 2017|Comments Off on “Spin Cycle” at 18

I vividly remember when the first Iced Ink song "Spin Cycle" (or at least the DNA of it) was born..  it was Friday night in January of 1999 and my significant udder at the time was in [...]


Thursday October 13, 2016|Comments Off on Cottonhead

When you go to work, once you're there do you ever think back on your commute and realize you can barely remember anything about it? Yes? No? I do that a lot...  a dangerous amount [...]

“A Sparkling Shade of Green”

Sunday September 11, 2016|Comments Off on “A Sparkling Shade of Green”

One of my favorite t-shirts is the one Booger wore in Revenge of the Nerds that said HIGH ON STRESS... that would have been the perfect tee for me to wear every day from early [...]

Revisiting the “Dog Seed Shuffle” song & era

Tuesday September 6, 2016|Comments Off on Revisiting the “Dog Seed Shuffle” song & era

What do you do when you're bored out of your mind and going bonkers? If you're me, you pick one of your most difficult songs to play (not to mention longest) that you haven't played [...]

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